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Expert Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in Charlotte, NC

We offer hardscape installations, lawn care, landscape maintenance, irrigation services, and more.

Charlotte, NC: A Vibrant Hub of Culture, History, and Green Living

Charlotte, NC, is a booming city that is located in Mecklenburg County and has a robust population that is north of 879,000! Known as the “Queen City,” Charlotte is a vibrant, fast-growing metropolis that seamlessly blends southern charm with urban sophistication. If you’re a history buff, you can visit the Levine Museum of the New South to learn about life in the North Carolina Piedmont region after the American Civil War. For sports enthusiasts, this city is a haven, being home to the Charlotte Hornets, the Carolina Panthers, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Beyond its rich history and sports culture, Charlotte is also known for its beautiful neighborhoods, each with its own unique character, and its commitment to green living, with numerous parks and outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy.

At Signature Lawn and Landscape, we are proud to contribute to Charlotte’s green legacy. We offer a variety of professional lawn care and landscaping services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Charlotte, NC. Our services range from meticulous lawn mowing and edging, leaf removal, and core aeration to comprehensive landscape design and installation, hedge and bush trimming, and mulch installation. We also specialize in hardscaping, creating stunning patios, decks, and walkways that elevate your outdoor living space. With our team on your side, your property will not only look its best but will also be a living extension of the beautiful, thriving community that is Charlotte, NC.

Achieve a Lush, Green Oasis - With Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care - Signature lawn and landscape

At Signature Lawn and Landscape, we understand that a beautiful lawn is the cornerstone of a great property. Our comprehensive lawn care services in Charlotte, North Carolina, are designed to keep your outdoor spaces healthy, vibrant, and immaculate year-round.

  • Lawn Mowing and Edging: Our precise lawn mowing and edging services ensure your lawn is always picture-perfect, promoting healthy grass growth and creating clean, defined lines that boost your property’s curb appeal.

  • Leaf Removal: Our leaf removal services are thorough and timely, preventing mold growth and ensuring your lawn can breathe, even under the fall’s heavy leaf cover.

  • Lawn/Core Aeration: Our aeration services are designed to allow essential nutrients to penetrate your soil, promoting healthier and more resilient grass.

  • Overseeding: Our overseeding services introduce new, high-quality grass varieties to your lawn, filling in thin spots and creating a lush, vibrant carpet of green.

  • Fertilization and Weed Control: Our fertilization and weed control services are tailored to the specific needs of your lawn, ensuring it receives the nutrients it needs while keeping invasive weeds at bay.

  • Spring Cleanup: Our spring cleanup services prepare your lawn for the growing season, removing debris, pruning shrubs, and setting the stage for a year of lush growth.

With Signature Lawn and Landscape, you are entrusting your lawn to experts who treat your property as if it were their own. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction in every task we undertake.

Transform Your Outdoors - With Our Landscaping Services

Harrisburg, NC - Signature lawn and landscape

Signature Lawn and Landscape is your premier choice for comprehensive landscaping services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team of certified professionals is passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, functional, and sustainable landscapes.

  • Landscape Design and Install: Our landscape design and installation services are comprehensive and tailored, turning your vision into a breathtaking reality.

  • Hedge/Bush Trimming: Our hedge and bush trimming services keep your plants healthy and your property looking pristine.

  • Mulch Install: Our mulch installation services protect your plants, enhance soil health, and elevate your garden’s aesthetics.

  • Artificial Turf: We offer top-quality artificial turf solutions that provide a lush, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

  • Irrigation Install/Repair: Our irrigation services ensure your landscape receives the right amount of water, delivered efficiently and effectively.

  • Tree Planting and Removal: From planting new trees to safely removing old ones, our services are comprehensive and conducted with the utmost care.

Our landscaping services are more than just beautification; they are a strategic investment in your property. We are committed to environmental stewardship, aesthetic excellence, and client satisfaction.

Structural Elegance Meets Functionality - Our Hardscaping Services

Harrisburg, NC - Signature lawn and landscape

At Signature Lawn and Landscape, we specialize in hardscaping services that add functionality, beauty, and value to properties in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Gravel: We provide and install high-quality gravel for various applications, from driveways to decorative garden paths.

  • Fire Pits: Our custom fire pit installations are designed to be a focal point where families can gather, relax, and create lasting memories.

  • Retaining Walls: Our expertly designed and constructed retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, transforming slopes into usable spaces and preventing erosion.

  • Patios and Decks: We create stunning patios and decks that extend your living space outdoors, crafted to your specifications and built to last.

  • Walkways: Our walkways are designed to be both functional and beautiful, guiding visitors through your property with style and grace.

Our hardscaping services are executed with precision, creativity, and a deep respect for the property and the client. We source the highest quality materials and employ the latest techniques to ensure that our hardscapes stand the test of time.

Why Trust Signature Lawn and Landscape?

Our legacy in Charlotte speaks for itself. With a team of certified professionals, a deep understanding of the local landscape, and a commitment to excellence, we promise to transform your property into a reflection of your personal vision.

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