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All You Need to Know About Concord NC

Concord is a city in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. It is in the metropolitan area of Charlotte and its airport shares a name with it. The city lies at the center of a twelve-county region where over one million people live. Its population was approximately 24,000 in 2010 with an estimated growth rate of 4 percent in that year. Concord’s motto is “A City with Soul”. The slogan has been adopted by some luxury retailers who invest heavily into commercializing the city’s image to attract consumers who are looking for fashionable places to shop like boutique shopping malls and urban-themed restaurants such as Urban Outfitters and Parisi Bakery CafĂ©

Concord NC Lawn Care Landscape

History of Concord NC

The city of Concord was established in 1795. It was named after the London town of the same name in England. The city’s original name was Pinnacle but it was changed to Concord by the aldermen of Cabarrus County on November 20, 1796. The new name was chosen to reflect a spirit of cooperation between the settlers living in Concord NC at that time.

The city was established as the county seat of Cabarrus County in 1810. It was shortly after that the first courthouse was built in the city and was ready for use in 1812. The courthouse lasted for eighty-two years until it had to be replaced by a more durable building. The new courthouse cost about $4,500 to build and was located on South Marietta Street. In 1960, plans were made to relocate Concord’s growing population into a more spacious place. This led to the construction of a new Cabarrus County Courthouse on Main Street.

The city became famous because of its annual Hop Bitters Festival which started in 1908 and has since become internationally recognized with people coming from all over the world to attend it. The festival was a monthly event that featured beer-tasting competitions, the official parade, and the awarding of trophies and prizes to the participants. The Hop Festival was sponsored by a local beer distributor which gave the city name to its annual festival. The festival was later taken over by the Cabarrus County Chamber of Commerce over thirty years ago and became an official event in 1979 when it was designated as the Year of the County. By 2009, it had become a three-day event, which increased revenues by fifty percent. It continued to grow in popularity as more people were willing to travel from other states such as Kentucky and Tennessee just to participate in it.

Closest airport

Concord’s airport is the Concord Regional Airport which is also shared with Gastonia and Kannapolis. It lies about twenty minutes from Concord and ten minutes from Kannapolis. The entrances to the airport are on Highway 73 and Highway 160.

The facility currently handles domestic flights from American Airlines and Delta Air Lines which carry both passengers and cargo. American Airlines flies to Charlotte, Newark, New York LaGuardia, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Dulles while Delta Air Lines flies between Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte as well as Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Parks and Recreation

Concord NC has a total of fifty parks in the city. It also has twenty-six greenways, eight nature preserves, and two recreational facilities for basketball, swimming, and fitness. Some of its largest parks include Pinnacle Park which covers an area of more than sixty acres, Concord Regional Aquatic Center which is both a park and swimming facility, Raleigh Road Park which is over forty-five acres big and Riverside Park which is also a lot larger than many other parks in the city with an area of over sixty-four acres. Many annual events are held at these parks such as the Hop Bitters Festival, the Great American Brass Band Festival, and Springfest among others.

The city has a recreation department that helps in providing recreational space to the residents. It also sets up organized events throughout the year at its various parks and greenways like the Family Fall Festival, the Hot Chocolate 5K, Main Street Light Parade, and Oktoberfest. Healthcare


Concord NC has three main hospitals in its city – Cabarrus Hospital, Harris Regional Hospital, and Novant Health Concord Hospital. Cabarrus Hospital is one of the largest employers in Concord NC and was founded in 1887 as the Cabarrus County Hospital almshouse to provide shelter for people suffering from mental illness or ill health because of substance abuse. It was later renamed in 1958 to form the Cabarrus County Memorial Hospital. In 1977, it was purchased by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and it is now known as Cabarrus Regional Hospital. The hospital covers a twenty-five-acre campus and as of 2010, had a total of 712 beds. Some of its facilities include a surgery center, emergency services, intensive care unit, and cardiac rehabilitation center. It is located on South Marietta Street while it employs over 2,100 people with an annual payroll of more than six hundred million dollars. Harris Regional Hospital in Concord started out as the Concord Township Hospital in 1965 after being purchased by the county government.

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