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All You Need to Know About Indian Trail NC

Indian Trail is a small town in North Carolina and belongs to Union County. It is located at a distance of 80 kilometers from the city of Charlotte. Indian Trail used to be a plantation area before it became incorporated as an independent town in 1980. The town has around 2800 people living in it. The town was named after an Indian trading path or trail which was nearby the location where the first house was situated and also near a creek called Peter’s Creek. It is known for its local shops and wonderful ambiance. The town is known for its natural beauty and the amazing homes it has in it.

Indian Trail Lawn care Landscape

History of Indian Trail NC

Indian Trail was originally owned by a family called Philip McCall and his wife who was known as Mary Troy. They both built the first house in this location which had 900 feet of frontage on the creek. This is where he first built the plantation coffee mill and also occupied it as a trading post since it was very prominent in that area. The couple both got married in 1790. In 1822 Indian Trail became incorporated from Mecklenburg County and then later in 1828 they created Union County so they could be heard at a higher level of county government that would have better services and facilities available to them. In 1860 Indian Trail had a total of 500 people living in it and until 1873 when the Japanese tribe moved here then it became a town. The town was so named because during the colonial period, an Indian trail used to pass through this location.

Atlanta International Airport is located not far from Indian Trail NC. It is also known as Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and can be reached easily from this location as well at NC Highway 73. The air traffic here is amazing and there are many airlines that have flights coming here. The Town of Indian Trail is also famous for Vineland Animal Hospital which caters to animals. Farmington Golf Club, Union Chapel, and Pentecostal Church all reflect the culture of this town in many ways.

Parks and Recreational facilities

One can visit the various parks and recreational places in this location. The athletic park is available for both outdoor and indoor games. There are also basketball and tennis courts available here. The community center of this town has many amenities available to the locals and people living in the town. Local events take place here as well on a regular basis. There are many other facilities like courtyards, picnic areas, barbecue grills, etc., which are available for the enjoyment of all people within or outside of this town as well

Indian Trail NC is also home to Piedmont Mall, which is the biggest mall in Union County. It offers more than 500 stores and services to shoppers from all over the world. This mall has a huge parking lot and around 100 service areas too such as dry cleaners, phone stores, shoe shops, etc. The mall opened in 1996 and was built by a group of people who wanted to help the town to prosper more.

Also, the town has a library which is very wide for the people to use it. The library houses many books, newspapers, and other resources where everyone can find a book that they need in order to read them.


You can easily get to Indian Trail NC by using taxi services or renting an auto from these taxi companies. There are a number of other transportation options as well like buses and trains, which is available here at this location. You can go to the town by train from Charlotte or from Airport. It takes around 45 minutes each way so you have plenty of time left for traveling before reaching your destination here.

Indian Trail NC is a really good place to live in. People here have many places to visit and they are close by Indian Trail NC. They can go shopping, eat at local restaurants, enjoy nature here and witness the beauty that makes this place amazing it has all of this so you should come here to experience it yourself.


The culture here is different from many other cultures since it has a blend of European, African, and Native American cultures. The earlier settlers that came here were mostly southern Europeans who had their own culture and were not really like the original settlers who moved in later. The Catholic Church brought African tradition with them to add to the religion of these people and they formed many clubs, community organizations, and glee clubs when they arrived which are still being formed today. They have also made many changes over time to meet the needs of their new location. There are different types of festivals in this town every year which include parades, sporting events, music concerts, and much more for everyone to enjoy as well as take part in.

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